• can't assing poll category if the languaghe is not ALL

    hi maverick,

    i have a wierd problem with tha languaghe configurations on CP.

    my site is in hebrew & english but the polls are used only on the hebrew sections - all the menu items, polls, etc, are defined as HEBREW language.

    but - when i set a category as Hebrew, it doesn't load in the category-choosing-dropdown, when creating or editing a poll.

    when i set the category languagh back as ALL, it re-apears in the dropdown.

    the polls themselves are set as Hebrew.

    not sure if it's related - but i also have a small language problem in k2 - when i try to choose the Item's author in the back-end (on the item creation page), i can't do a search with Hebrew charachtars - only english. so maybe there is some site-width error that is messing up the Hebrew? not sure but thought it was worth mentioning.

    can you please assit with this problem?


    yorai ronen

  • German language available

    Is german language included in the instalation package? Specificaly for frontend adding surveys and polls.

    Or do I need to translate on my own?

  • Language Not Work

    I downloaded the translation not finished yet for Portuguese of Brazil on the site of you and even link after translating completely there are still places that everything is in English. Could you tell me what is wrong ? This is not the first component to translate using TextWrangler . In printscreen of the screens you can see that I emphasized the items where the translation is not applying .

  • Language translation

    For the ones interested, I completed the translation of the front end to Dutch (NL). I am not 100% everything will fit, but at least it is complete now.

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