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Which Cheap Platform Bed to Choose for Your Bedroom


We should look for various aspects while buying a platform bed, but this article looks mainly at affordability. It is for those on a tight budget who want to squeeze the best quality platform bed for a great deal and save cash. We have listed down the most affordable platform beds for you.


Our Top Picks: 5 Cheap Platform Beds You Can Choose Today


Zinus Smartbase Zero Assembly Platform Bed


To begin with, this bed is straightforward to assemble and has over 97,000 plus five–star reviews from customers worldwide for its outstanding quality. It's a sturdy, low, lying queen-size metal bed frame that does not require any box spring support. It goes for $106 on Amazon and you can read more review on Platform Bed Expert


Allewie Modern Platform Bed Frame



It is a modern bed and might be one of the best bed frames with Amazon's contemporary look. The elegant winged headboard adds a fashionably sophisticated touch to the upholstered frame. The reality that it's so comfortable makes this platform bed a great find. The headboard has foam padding, giving it a delightful experience no matter how you sit or lay. On other sites, such a make of a bed can easily cost any amount exceeding $500. So stumbling upon one of such excellent quality at such a price is fantastic. The bed costs $234 on Amazon.


Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed Frame


Canopy bed frame styles are considered very expensive, but this option from Novogratz is a remarkable exception. It gives a tremendous trendy look, is an excellent choice for teenagers or adults, and is very cheap. It has a built-in headboard and footboard with an elevated frame that provides a lot of storage space underneath, making the best platform bed frame just as sturdy and stylish. It's an exquisite bed frame that only costs $164 on Amazon.


Heavy-Duty Steel Slat Mattress Foundation


It is a very affordable and better option; it is made of steel, comes without a headboard, and has a simple design. People buy it due to its easy assembly and sturdiness. The frame only costs $100 on Amazon.


The Allewie Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage Drawers 




This platform bed frame serves a double function by offering both style and function at a very affordable price; what else can one ask? The padding makes the bed inviting. In comparison, the tufted headboard gives it a sophisticated and cosy appearance. Many frames are known for having 10 to 16 inches of clearance below the bed for storage. The Allewie queen has two built-in drawers to offer sufficient storage and has become a great hit for many shoppers.


The bed retails for $226 on Amazon.



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Platform beds are the new style to make your bedroom feel more modern and comfier, they come in different designs and varieties suited to each customer's style and needs, and as we have seen, they are also very cheap and affordable. We hope the review has shed light and changed your perspective on how you look at platform beds and will help you select a bed best suited for you.

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