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With the holidays upon us, and more importantly with many temptations building daily, one needs to be aware of your relationship to fitness and food. Tis the season for parties every where from the office to neighbors to family and friends. So how do you cope with all the foods, beverages, stress and so much more around the holidays and still stay on track to a healthier, more fit life.

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Follow the 7 easy steps and make it through the Holiday's full of cheer instead of regret and a big rear.

Tip 1- Don't invite in un-welcomed food guests.

It's the time of year for office parties and holiday gatherings. They seem to come in two varieties, pot luck or "all you can eat and drink" provided by the host. If pot luck, take a healthy dish so you know you have at least one option for staying on track. Even better talk with other co-workers, friends or family and plan a healthy holiday smorgasbord. You may be surprised how many others want healthy just like you.

You always have the option to take your own food (unless a seated dinner party) or eat prior to the gathering that way you are not tempted by the fattening, high in carbohydrates selections that usually show up at parties. It's okay if they show up but they don't need to attach themselves to your trouble spots and go home with you.

Party foods are like house guests. Short visits are great but there comes a time when they've stayed past their welcome and need to go away.

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Tip 2- Food calories in and not high calorie beverages.

This one tags along with tip #1 since at most gatherings there comes party drinks as well. When you are watching your food calorie intake you have to be mindful as well of your liquid calories. Wine, either red or white, tends to average about 85 calories per 4 oz pour. Ha, the last time I saw someone at a party (or at home) actually pour a 4 oz pour was.....never. So three party pours is really in the neighborhood of 500 calories which is the approximate number of calories most should consume for an entire meal.

If you're moving on to margarita's then expect a small one to be any where between 500 to 1000 calories.

And then on to beer, drinking a 6 pack of most brands is equivalent to eating a loaf of bread.

And don't get me started on egg nog.

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Have I thoroughly hacked you off? I'm not saying don't indulge. And I'm also NOT saying if you're going to drink then save your food calories for beverage calories. Just account for them, enjoy them and don't over indulge (oh and have a designated driver as well).

Tip 3- Stress isn't best but it can come from the family.

The holidays can be great family times, great travel times, shorter work days/weeks (unless retail then stress galore), and oh the food. With all of those come stress and one always wonders why family can be the cause of so much of it. Thank goodness for movie theaters being open every day of the year. Can you say escape?


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