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The best home-use sewing machine: Janome DC5100

Before deciding to buy a sewing machine for your entry-level, you have to know about the five key points such as usage, skill set, unique features, best brands, accessories, and warranties. To be a junior tailor, you will consider what is the best basic sewing machine for a beginner? Not only finding the simple operation of the tool, but you also have to know about the functions to use the device efficiently.

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At an affordable price, you can get the primary sewing machine for home use with advanced features. It depends on your knowledge of the market. You should know about what types of products to buy and which websites to buy. Therefore, our review of Janome DC 5100 is your best choice.

Advanced components

The advances of Janome DC 5100 is the superior bottom feed system

The most ideal function of the modern sewing machine is the LDC. Instead of remembering all databases, threads mode, or stitches styles, you can follow this information on the LCD. When you choose the numbers or designs of stitches by pressing or rotating the button, you allow the numbers to display on the LCD touchscreen. It makes it easier to navigate through the various settings. The memory is extensive with about fifty patterns.

This machine has about a hundred and sixty-seven built-in stitches which you can customize your fabrics such as silk, cotton, etc. The Alphabet is included in the built-in settings. You can refer to some of monogramming or characters numbers in the guides of the machine.

The Janome DC 5100 is a computerized device that has a needle thread, an automatic clutch for bobbins, and mechanical tension.

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Fully of Accessories

This best sewing machine for beginners has a variety of feet such as zigzag feet and five buttonholes feet for most use. Besides, it also has a straight stitch foot, an adjustable blind hem foot, satin foot, a quarter-inch foot, overcast foot, and a free motion foot. They allow you to deal with many projects by stippling and quilting fabrics together. Zipper feet also is one of the essential elements of the machine.

This machine can be put in the plastic case to support users to bring the engine to the class quickly

The advances of Janome DC 5100 compared with a traditional sewing machine is the superior bottom feed system. It has seven feed dogs that can bring the fabric in before the needle gets them. It means the dogs will work in the box motion. Besides, it lifts the entire surface of the feed.

Other accessories are four bobbins, some additional needles, and an extra-lint brush. The cleaner of the machine is different from other devices, which is softer and more durable. This machine can be put in a plastic case to support users to bring the engine to the class quickly. It ensures the lightweight of a device with 24.4 pounds.

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Warranties and best-devoted customer services

This machine is about seven hundred dollars, which can be reduced when you buy via the website. There are some trustworthy sites that you can access, such as Amazon. By ordering online, you can both get the best sewing machine for beginners and an affordable price with the discount vouchers. They also have a hotline that you can call for support anytime.


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