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Laser Level Applications: How Many do You Know?

You probably know the best self leveling laser level around but you have limited knowledge of every application you can use the laser level for. There are endless numbers of indoor and outdoor applications you can use your laser level for, whether it is a line, rotary or laser operated device. The best laser levels are even multi-dimensional and can be used for multiple projects indoor and outdoor. The more diverse or versatile your laser level is, perhaps the more benefit you can derive from it. Keep in mind that multi-dimensional laser levels do cost more than single-directional devices.

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  • What are the Indoor Applications for Laser Levels?

As you are aware, there are lots of applications for which laser levels can help complete indoors. Though laser levels specifically made for indoor applications do have shorter travel distance or range, they can still be used effectively to handle diverse jobs. The commonest applications for which you can use indoor laser levels are; leveling of floors, ceilings, and walls, and checking the heights of doors and windows. They can also be used for aligning your shelves, cabinets, and trims. Similarly, these laser levels can be used for measuring distances between different or similar objects in and around the home.

  • What are the Outdoor Applications of Laser Levels?

Outdoor laser levels do possess longer operational distance or range and they are normally made from sturdy design materials to ensure they cope with demands for harsh outdoor conditions. You will be interested to know that outdoor laser levels are usually subjected to fall tests and most of them can withstand between 1 and 6 feet of fall on a hard surface. Some of the main applications of outdoor top-rated laser levels are; basic surveying, checking of the elevation of land, site layout, and plumbing. Commercial outdoor laser levels are also used in laying or checking foundations, decking, electrical installations, and lighting installations.

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  • Choosing Your Ideal Laser Level

Fortunately, there are so many laser levels that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and those are the ones you should target. You may never know when you will need a laser level outdoor, hence you should not limit your search to indoor options only. You should consider the accuracy of the laser level you are interested in, for instance, a 1/9” accuracy at 30 ft is better than 1/8” accuracy at the same distance. You should also consider laser levels with brighter light emission especially if you are buying an outdoor laser level. In most cases, green lasers travel farther than red lasers.

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