Modify ad

Technically not a feature request, but still important in my opinion.

I suggest to modify the CjForum ad (e.g. in the official Joomla! Extensions directory) that currently says:
" One click signup and login process using Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin authentication services."
While it's certainly possible to sign in with a social account, there's no way to sign up to Joomla! (and hence to the forum) using just the component.
You need to create a regular native Joomla! account first. 
(seemingly a huge burden for most users nowadays) 

Vincenzo Praturlon shared this idea  .  one year ago
Maverick commented  .  one year ago

This is incorrect. The user will be automatically created in Joomla users table when signing up with the social account. Please post your query on forum if you are facing any issues with this.

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