Pinned Topics
Hi there, Maybe this functionality exists, but I can't find it! :) Please could we have the option for sitee admins to do pinned posts. Many thanks, Dave.
Rejected David Boggitt CjForum Comments (1) 2 years ago

Recent activities should not show activities from categories for which user has no permissions
We have had this discussion a couple of times, but I still would like Recent activity to only show the activities for which the user has the permissions for. Right now I am turning off the Recent Activity for the Public / Guest user. The...
Rejected J van der Zon CjForum Comments (2) 3 years ago

New replies should bring you to the first unread reply
Right now you will be directed to the last new reply in a thread. It would be great if one gets redirected to the first new reply when a thread as multiple new replies.   Thanks.
Rejected J van der Zon CjForum Comments (1) 3 years ago

standard access level of themes in Options
I want to restrict the standard access level of an post in the forum to registered users. I found a hint how to this in the...
Rejected Holger Hinkelmann CjForum Comments (1) 12 months ago

Why not have forum type or ticket system here?
Hi, This is for the corejoomla site members.  Right now each question is via email which makes it very difficult to track down asked and answered questions over time.  On other developer site they have a forum as well as a ticketing...
Rejected Peter Gales CjForum Comments (1) one year ago

Configurable default sorting in Users Listing menu
In  CJForum in the menu item for Users Listing - the default sort for it is "Posts descending". This could be made configurable so that Super User of the system can choose the default sort.
Rejected Anil Dagia CjForum Comments (1) one year ago

Modify ad
Technically not a feature request, but still important in my opinion. I suggest to modify the CjForum ad (e.g. in the official Joomla! Extensions directory) that currently says:" One click signup and login process using Facebook, Google, Twitter...
Rejected Vincenzo Praturlon CjForum Comments (1) one year ago

Social (FB) login module
Since CJforum supports social login, I suggest to develop a suitable Joomla! module to provide the user a login form.The scenario would be the following: - the user logins his social network in the browser - the user opens a new tab in the same...
Rejected Vincenzo Praturlon CjForum Comments (2) one year ago