Recent activities should not show activities from categories for which user has no permissions

We have had this discussion a couple of times, but I still would like Recent activity to only show the activities for which the user has the permissions for.

Right now I am turning off the Recent Activity for the Public / Guest user. The logged in users will get the Recent Activity menu option, but they will still see activities from categories for which they don't have read permissions.



J van der Zon shared this idea  .  3 years ago
J van der Zon commented  .  3 years ago

So far the only other activity that is being logged by cjforum activities is a new article in Joomla. I don't think that logging such activity should be something that CjForum should do at all, but that is not a major isssue. the issue that users can see replies and topics created in categories for which they don't have access is a major problem.

I understand that it would require some major changes to the design, but I feel it is something you need to do.

Maverick commented  .  3 years ago

Activities do not have any category. It is not possible detect the category of the posted activity which belongs to a topic. Furthermore the activity can be of anything not just creating topics. Also the acitvity stream component used may not be cjforum. So these all points makes it complicated. But by changing existing design we can restrict such entries from categories if the activity component is cjforum. It needs major rework, though.

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