Social (FB) login module

Since CJforum supports social login, I suggest to develop a suitable Joomla! module to provide the user a login form.

The scenario would be the following:

- the user logins his social network in the browser

- the user opens a new tab in the same windows

- the user enters the URL of the forum

- the users click the relevant sso object (e.g. FB button)

- if the user is registered he logins; if not he is registered (ideally with administrator approval and/or guest status)     

Vincenzo Praturlon shared this idea  .  one year ago
Maverick commented  .  one year ago

Social login is already integrated into the forum. There are many established modules available on Joomla Extensions Directory which can do the same as well. I think there is no need for another such module and it is out of the scope of CjForum functionality.

Vincenzo Praturlon commented  .  one year ago

Just to clarify: the procedure should streamline the native Joomla! registration and the SSO process in such a way that the only object publicly exposed would be the social login module (if so desidered).

(hint: leave the user the option to choose his userid or to get a random one; all the other profile attributes should be taken from the source social platform)   

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