All questions and fields as a variable for e-mail template
Hello, you can perhaps still integrate into the survey, the questions and answers can also be entered as a variable in an e-mail instead of attaching them only as a PDF to the e-mail.Thus one can assemble his E-Mail on how it should be spent.

Conditional recipients option
For our needs, I had the choice of using RSForm Pro or a specific survey component, and the statistic option in Community Surveys was the decisive factor as no need to collate the answers ;) But it would be great to be able to route specific...
New Mixit7 Community Surveys Comments (0) 3 weeks ago

Copy Question from One Poll to Anothet
Hi: Would like to be able to copy question fro one poll to another. Thanks  

Populating Invitation Email with Additional Data
This might be a lot, but I have an application so I thought I would put it in here. Let's say I create a custom invite list that has additional fields, like supervisor. It would be really helpful to have the invite something like:   Hi...

Standard Responses
It would be very helpful if you could prepopulate survey questions with some of the standard, validated responses. For example. if I add radio buttons, I could have a checkbox for "Standard Response List." If I check that, a dropdown lists some of...

Global map using google maps
Hi, in my opinion these 2 enhancements would increase a lot the benefits of Surveys component. 1. Instead of show a global map, display a google map with all the answer locations, the global map is not useful at all if the survey is make for...
Accepted alejandro Community Surveys Comments (0) 5 months ago

Thumbnails for Surveys
Hi, I think it would be nice to be able to add a picture to each survey, so that they can be recognised easily.