Single Selection Image should have clickable picture
Hi,We found lots of issue with our respondents based on not clictable picture in "Single Selection Image" survey choice. Respondent are angry because in case it is mandatory question, they are not able to continue survey. Technically they are not...
New Martin Mikeska Community Surveys Comments (0) 5 months ago

All questions and fields as a variable for e-mail template
Hello, you can perhaps still integrate into the survey, the questions and answers can also be entered as a variable in an e-mail instead of attaching them only as a PDF to the e-mail.Thus one can assemble his E-Mail on how it should be spent.

Disable publishing certain responses
Hi. It would be helpgul if there was a feature to enable preventing certain responses from publishing in the survey results. There may be instances where certain answers in a survey are not suitable or relevant for publishing vis the reporting...

Standard Responses
It would be very helpful if you could prepopulate survey questions with some of the standard, validated responses. For example. if I add radio buttons, I could have a checkbox for "Standard Response List." If I check that, a dropdown lists some of...

Cancel Button URL
Hi When a respondent hits the cancel button it would be useful to be able to specify the URL they will be redirected to, similar to the Redirect URL for completion of survey. Our surveys are accessed directly  (without seeing a joomla menu)...

Showing URL in the description.
Hey there, It would be great if we were able to put an url in the description of a survey.https://www.atic.be/nl/vragenlijstenFor example here these surveys are kind of linked to certain events. And we would like to link to these events in this...

Global map using google maps
Hi, in my opinion these 2 enhancements would increase a lot the benefits of Surveys component. 1. Instead of show a global map, display a google map with all the answer locations, the global map is not useful at all if the survey is make for...
New alejandro Community Surveys Comments (0) one month ago

Thumbnails for Surveys
Hi, I think it would be nice to be able to add a picture to each survey, so that they can be recognised easily.  

Maximum points in Radio Grid
Hi Maverick,   For my customer I need to have a Radio Grid question where a maximum of 8 points has to be divided over several questions. See the attached screenshot.   This question must be answered by dividing a maximum of 8 points...

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