Counting characters and limit for it
Free text fields should have a limits for answers eg. in maximum of characters you can insert.

All questions and fields as a variable for e-mail template
Hello, you can perhaps still integrate into the survey, the questions and answers can also be entered as a variable in an e-mail instead of attaching them only as a PDF to the e-mail.Thus one can assemble his E-Mail on how it should be spent.

Disable publishing certain responses
Hi. It would be helpgul if there was a feature to enable preventing certain responses from publishing in the survey results. There may be instances where certain answers in a survey are not suitable or relevant for publishing vis the reporting...

GPS Coordinates/Mapping Option
i would like to see a way I could integrate the GPS tools with Community Surveys or create an option in Community Surveys so that someone taking a survey could choose their location on a map. OpenStreetMap would be best but Google Maps would also...
Accepted Greg Smela Community Surveys Comments (0) 3 months ago

Maximum points in Radio Grid
Hi Maverick,   For my customer I need to have a Radio Grid question where a maximum of 8 points has to be divided over several questions. See the attached screenshot.   This question must be answered by dividing a maximum of 8 points...

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