• CJForum Development ( J4 alpha )

    Well, I FINALLY was able to get Joomla 4 installed ( Alpha5, then updated OK to Alpha 6).


    But I went to try installing CJForum for preliminary testing, and the CJLib (Version: v2.8.3) errored out on install:


    Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Filesystem\File::read()


    JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL Invalid default value for 'created'
    Package Install: There was an error installing an extension:

    Was just wondering if you have ever managed to do an install on a J4 Alpha - or if I am getting ahead of myself here?  ( the CJForum download page does says "Joomla v4 or later"...)


    If yes, then what Build have you tested?

  • Community Surveys: Profile Data, Summary Reports, and Integration with CJ Forum

    Hi there,

    I'm planning to subscribe to Community Surveys and CJ Forum but want to better understand the functionalities before proceeding with the purchase.

    1) Is it possible to set up a default structure for user-built surveys to automatically pull certain customized profile data field(s) from CB?

    2) Is it possible to set up reports to only show summaries of data/analysis to users (without details of individual input) regardless of whether it is the initiator or participant?

    3) Is it possible to limit visibility of reports only to those who participated in the respective survey?

    4) How integrated is Community Surveys with CJ Forum?  I'd like Forum members of certain levels to be able to initiate and participate in surveys as well as be able to access summary reports.


  • Consolidated report not showing to public


    We didn't use Community Survey for a while and didn't have an active subscription anymore. Now we started to use it again and I ran into a problem. Probably because we had an older version, so I bought a new subscription but the problem stays. We are using version 5.5.2 now in Joomla version 3.9.22.

    I would like to display a Consolidated Report but it's only visible to existing administrator accounts (super users) but not to public. A new user with superuser permissions doesn't see it either, only a couple of longtime admins can see the report after they log on.

    I did exactly the same as before but I can't get it to work. What did I do? Created a survey of course, created a Community Survey Consolidated Report module (with the ID of the survey inside) and created an article to call the module based on {loadmoduleid xx}. It's all based on public permissions on our testsite. The article is:

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm stuck. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  • Consolidatet report: Strange dates and 404 error


    If I use filter on consolidated report, dates are strange (please see filter-report.png). And if I click on button for Print/create PDF I get 404 error message view not found (404.png).

    Any idea what goes wrong?

    I will send you backend login by contact form.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Email after Survey Completition to User with Survey-Infos

    Hi there,

    I've been looking for a way to send reports or thank-you-mails to the users that took the survey after completing. (Even the ones that aren't registred at the site but entered an email-adress in the survey) Is there a way to do so?

    Maybe you can add a email-template which can read a specific field out of the survey (maybe by id or name of the field with a placeholder) and add a script that triggers an email-send-event after the survey is completed and written to the database? As soon as I know there should be already an event for the mail to the survey-owner.

    And in case it works: it would be very helpful if I could add other data from the survey to the mail (e.g. the surveykey or some answers that were given).

    Just to know: I wrote a skript that evaluates the data out of a survey and renders some charts. To show the results to the user he needs the survey-key and I haven't figured out a way to get them the key automatically.

    Best Regards

  • Report for public user and report for registrated user

    Is it possible to show only several questions in a report for public user and show a report with all questions to registrated users?

    Thank you


  • Reports in site

    Good day, I would like to generate a user, for my client, so that I can see the report of the surveys, but who does not have access to them or to modify them, the intention is that I can see them from the front of the site.
    Thank you so much

  • What is "Marks secured" and "Percentage secured" in Final Report

    Hi Team,

    Could you please describe: What is "Marks secured"  and "Percentage secured" in Final Report ? 

    How does it work ?