We are pleased to announce the maintenance release for GPS Tools v1.0.1. This release adds few interesting features on track view pages. We also made several modifications to make the component look and feel to be better and inline with other corejoomla products. This release also focusses on fixing several IE bugs on displaying the maps and charts. Head on to change log here and see full list of updates made.

Due to some heavy changes to the files & structure, you must uninstall the old version (if any installed) and install the new version. NO data will be deleted from your database.

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We are pleased to announce the stable release of Community Crosswords. We fixed many issues from the beta version and added some required features like the row/column number for the input boxes etc. You can start with it right away on your production servers with this release. Add a comment

We are pleased to announce the maintenance & bug fix releases of Community Polls v.1.5.23 and Random Polls Module v.1.0.10. The release focus on fixing the bugs and making them more stable. You can download the packages from the downloads section and can find the list of changes made with change log.

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We are pleased to announce another feather in our cap - Crosswords component for Joomla (beta). Now engage your users with unlimited time and make them happy with exiting self managed crosswords. You need not do anything except installing the component :) . Yes that is true. Your users can submit the HINT+QUESTIONS for you and they can create crosswords on their own, play and enjoy.

Coming soon: Points system to make your community happier than ever with crosswords.

Hope you all love this component. Test it right here at corejooma.

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We are pleased to announce the v1.0.9 release of Random Poll module. This version focusses on syncing the features that are developed in the main component in the recent versions and here is the change log:

  • Vote restrictions on main component and module are not in sync
  • Results are not viewable when an already voted user returned/refreshed to page
  • Answers labels are floating down on some Joomla templates
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We are pleased to announce Community Answers v1.1.04 with Guest user answers submission feature. We spent countless number of hours to make few interesting features that will enhance your Community experience much better. Adding new features and as usual fixes few annoying bugs with this release. Point to downloads to get it now or see the complete changelog here. Add a comment