We are pleased to announce v1.0.01 release of Community Answers. This release is addressed to fix three important bugs which are not covered in the last release.

  • Sender name is null in emails being sent
  • Similar questions list not working with international characters
  • Recently resolved questions list on home page is displaying open questions
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We are pleased to announce the release 1.1.0 of Community Answers extension. This release fixes many annoying bugs and added many important and new features. The release focusses mainly on stability on complex environments. The latest Community Answers plugin now requires CoreJoomla jQuery  plugin using which you can change the template of community answers right from your plugin configuration. Now it sports 25 attractive themes which you can make use of. However please make note that the themes change the look and feel of the components like buttons etc but not the entire theme of the component. You need to edit one css file to best suite your needs.

Please see the change log for more details on what is changed (shall be updated in few moments).

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We are glad to inform you that Community Answers is now featured as Answers section on people.joomla.org. It now increased our responsibility to deliver more quality code and much better features and enhancements and we promise you to do the same.

We thank each one of our customers for supporting and making us delivering the world class products.

You can view the Community Answers on joomla.org at http://people.joomla.org/answers.html

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We are pleased to announce another milestone into standardizing our core framework for corejoomla extensions by releasing jQuery plugin. The plugin allows us or any third party developers to safely include jQuery and few of its plugins (as mentioned below) into their components without requiring them to bundle the libraries or think about MooTools conflicts. Currently supported jQuery Plugins using this extension:

  • jQuery 1.4.2 (obviously)
  • jQuery UI v1.8.4 (including all its current 25 themes)
  • jQuery Form plugin v.2.4.7

Using this plugin you can include jQuery UI and all its plugins right from your component/module by adding a small peice of code. All corejoomla plugins will be updated to feature this plugin shorty, meanwhile they will continue to use their own libraries.


  • Inclusion of jQuery, jQuery UI and its 25 themes, minified version of jQuery Form plugin
  • User selectable jQuery UI theme
  • Ability to include jQuery, jQuery UI and its 25 themes from Google CDN

The plugin is available for free to all the guest and registered users.

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Random Poll module is updated with the following features with v1.0.8 release

  • Feature: Restrict closed polls from displaying on frontend
  • Fix: Error when vote is already cast and try to cast again.
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We are pleased to announce the Joomla Search plugin for Community Polls component. The plugin adds search capability to the Joomla native search function so that your users can search polls from anywhere on your website. The download can be accessible to all Community Polls subscribers. Add a comment

Community Polls v1.5.17 is not available for immediate download. The release fixes few important issues along with a couple of new features. See change log for more details.

Update: An important fix about uploading images not working is patched with the same package. Also fixed avatars of the voted users page not showing correctly. If this feature is not working for you, please update the package once again.

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