We are pleased to announce Community Polls v1.5.21 release. We have added template overrides feature for Community Polls in this release. So you can override the template in safest method and does not loose any of your changes whenever you upgrade the component (see documentation for more details). We have added a sample override with our default templates. Now Jaaji and Sirimalli templates are renamed as default and default2 respectively. Default2 template is an override of the default template for its listing page. It is available directly under the component folder, however you can keep your custom templates under custom overrides folder so that you will not loose any changes while upgrading (see documentation).

Click here to see complete changelog.

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We are pleased to announce our latest extension for Joomla - GPS Tools.

GPS Tools allow your users to share and discuss the GPS(Global Positioning System)  files in different formats such as GPX, TCX and KML and displays ,maps on Google Maps.
And what's more? It is now enhanced with Community Touch with support for User Avatars, Comments System, Points System(Coming Soon), Activity Stream (Coming Soon) and much more out of the box. Get your copy today or try our demo.
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We are pleased to announce the v1.5.20 release of Community Polls for immediate availability.

Recently we conducted a survey about our members feedback on corejoomla extensions using our brand new Community Surveys extension. Based on the feedback, we found a missing feature - A direct menu item for adding new poll (same link can be accessible from polls home page as well). And we added this immediately to this release. Thank you very much for your feedback, we appreciate it.

We did fixed some important bugs as reported by our members on forums. Please check out the change log for more details.

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We are pleased to announce our latest offering Community Surveys goes public availability. Create the surveys using web 2.0 survey component like never before. Community Surveys allow you to create the surveys with ease and comfort.


  1. Creation of survey using our advanced Ajax framework
  2. 8 question types - Page header, Single selection radio buttons, multi selection check boxes, Single selection combo boxes, Multi row - Multi Column grid questions, Single row free text, Multi row text area, Password.
  3. Allow any user group (Registered through admins) to create and manage Surveys. Start your own survey business. Create and manage surveys from front-end.
  4. Restrict number of survey invitations using Points System. Integrated with Alpha User Points and JomSocial Points
  5. Advanced reports and charts
  6. Ability to take surveys standalone or using your template.
  7. Powered by jQuery UI with 25 themes support for UI elements through our jQuery plugin.
  8. Avatars - JomSocial, Mighty Touch, Community Builder, Kunena & Alpha User Points
  9. Create and manage contacts through multiple contact groups.
  10. Multiple sharing tools - Using unique Survey Url, Standalone inviting procedure, Invite Joomla users or create and share unique survey Urls.
  11. Public Surveys and Private Surveys - Public Surveys allow anyone to take surveys. Private surveys allow you to track who does what.
  12. Ability to override templates through our advanced templating framework.

The component is presently under beta stage and can be downloaded with valid membership. Though the component is stable enough to run a well tuned survey system, we request you not to install it on production servers. The final stable release will be out very soon along with the JED(Joomla Extension Directory) listing.

UPDATE: Stable version is now available

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We are pleased to announce the Article Suggestions v1.0.3 release. This release includes the below updates:

  1. Now support for CoreJoomla jQuery plugin (Optional and configurable) for displaying tabs
  2. New configuration option to restrict the plugin from rendering on front-page articles.
  3. Improved layout, look and feel
  4. Fixed: Introtext should not contain any html tags

The plugin is available for immediate download.

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