We are happy to announce Community Polls v1.5.11 release. In this release few issues reported by the community are fixed along with the new addition - ShareThis widget integration from sharethis.com. Please obtain the sharethis.com publisher id from sharethis code in order to use the functionality. Add a comment

We are pleased to announce another major milestone of Community Polls. In this release we added a new major functionality - Grid Polls. Yes, now survey type grid polls are available in the Community polls itself (Multirow - MultiColumn polls). This release also fixes few user convenience issues such as hiding results/user list until a couple of votes casted, points awarding not done from backend etc.

Since the random poll module is not yet ready for grid polls, it is updated to skip grid polls from displaying. We recommend you to update Random Poll module as well if you want to update Community Polls.

Hope you love the new functionality. Please vote for us on Joomla Extension Directory and write a review if you like our extensions at http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/contacts-and-feedback/polls/10000 Add a comment

We are pleased to announce the Random Poll v1.0.3 release. The module is re-written to comply with most of the templates and fixed few issues. This version fixes few issues with Rocket Theme templates along with a new addition of poll description. Add a comment

We found an issue in the delete polls function which does not update the polls count in categories table. A new release has been made to address this issue. The new release also includes a new Sync button to update the polls count in categories table manually. If you want to use the delete poll function please update the new package.
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We are pleased to announce Community Polls v1.5.8. This release includes two major features plus many bug fixes.

New features:
1. Delete poll functionality in backend
2. Interactive Pie Chart (New chart)

Please download the latest version from the downloads section. Add a comment

We would like to announce another extension Article Suggestions module. The module is a clone of out Article Suggestions plugin. Since the plugin cannot be used to display the article suggestions at user defined place, we created this extension so that you can use this to display it on any module position.

  1. Tabbed interface
  2. Latest Articles
  3. Most Read Articles
  4. Related Articles
  5. Author Articles
  6. Avatar Support (JomSocial)
  7. Short Intro
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Hi All,

We are happy to announce another quality extension from CoreJoomla - JomSocial User Polls. The plugin can display random or user selected polls in his JomSocial user profile page.


Bar charts and pie charts (for users)

Configurable height parameter (for users) for pie charts.

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