We are pleased to announce Community Quiz v4.7.0 release. We added support for downloading user responses and certificates in an HTML file in this release. This can be useful if your customers are in EU region and need to comply with GDPR laws. Along with new features, we fixed several bugs reported earlier. Please see the changelog for more details.

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We are pleased to announce Community Answers v4.7.0 Release. This is a feature release includes few new functionalities such as Comments management screens, GDPR compliance updates etc. 

Update your component today using one-click Joomla updater.

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We are pleased to announce the CjForum v2.2.0 release. We are releasing this update before the scheduled release to make CjForum compliant with the GDPR regulations which will be enforced in EU starting 25 May.

Several new enhancements including new component options are added to make the component fully compliant with the new rules. With this release, users can:

  • Download their data including activities, topics, replies and profile data
  • Delete profile data and all user data on the website including (configurable) topics, replies, activities, likes, dislikes, thankyou and tracking data,
  • Enforces users to give consent before saving their profile data 

Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions on this release. Please see changelog for more details on what all changed in this release.

UPDATE: v2.2.1 is released with support for data download in HTML format and download media, attachments in single package.

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We are pleased to announce CjForum v2.1.0 release. This is a feature release to add few new and exciting features. Update it now via Joomla! one-click automatic updates.

What's new in this release:

+ Topics and replies moderation via emails by administrators
+ Send email notifications on recieving a personal message, new email templates introduced
+ New config option to exclude user groups from users listing page
+ Show user signature on topic description block
^ Add a unique number to alias when there is a duplicate alias detected during a topic creation instead of rejecting the topic
* Toolbar is not hidden by default on mobile devices ^ Redirect users to topics listing page after posting a moderated topic

If you are using CjForum, please post your review and rating on Joomla Extension Directory.

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We are please to announce Community Surveys v4.7.0 release. This release adds a couple of new features along with fixing bugs reported on the forum. The release is now available for updating via Joomla one click updater. Please go to your Joomla admin portal and update it.

Please see changelog to know more details on what all changed in this release.

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We are pleased to announce the updates for multiple extensions as follows.

  • Community Answers v4.6.0 Release: This is a major update to the component with multiple new features and bug fixes.
  • Community Surveys v4.6.5 Release: This is a bug fix release with a couple of new features included. 
  • Community Quiz v4.6.6 Release: Although this is a minor release, it includes few new features and many bugs fixed to make the component very stable.
  • Community Polls v4.6.5 Release: This is a bug fix release
  • CjForum v2.0.6 Release: This release adds few new features and fixes many bugs to make the extension more stable. 

Please check out the changelog of respective extension on http://wiki.corejoomla.com/Main_Page for more details.

Please upgrade the components today. You can use one-click Joomla updater to update the extensions.

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We are pleased to announce the plugin for integrating Community Answers with JSiteMap. Now you can create the sitemap of your Community Answers content using JSiteMap with a simple plugin. The plugin is now available and can be downloaded from our downloads section.

Don't have JSiteMap? You can get it here.

Your feedback is important to us. Please share us your feedback and suggestions.

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