We are pleased to introduce the next generation Community Surveys extension v5.0.0.b1. This is the first beta release and available immediately to all existing members for testing.


  • Joomla 4 compatibility: We revamped the entire code base and rewritten many functions to make the extension fully compatible with the new Joomla 4 release. 
  • Bootstrap 4 support: We created all new layout for supporting Bootstrap 4 based templates including Joomla 4 default template.
  • New Router: We created a new router which supports modern urls such as removal of IDs in the URLs.

And all the goodness from Community Surveys is taken over for the new release. We hope you will love the new features and looking forward to your feedback. Please do let us know the bugs so that we can fix them.

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We are pleased to announce our new tool to get feedback from all our users and enhance our extensions with more user-friendly features. You can now suggest an idea that you may have for any of our extensions, including the idea feature itself. Few basic features of this tool:

  • Suggest an idea on any of the extensions
  • Upvote and downvote the ideas
  • Provide your comments

The ideas which are selected for implementation will move into different workflow status until they are closed or rejected. We hope you will love this feature and provide us with more great ideas and make the extensions more useful.

Please note that "Suggest an Idea" is based on our newly developed extension and is not publicly available yet. However, you can provide your valuable feedback and ideas for this extension as well. If we feel this extension is useful to many users, we will make it available for everyone.

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We are pleased to announce Community Quiz v4.8.1 release. This is a bug fix release which includes several bug fixes reported on the forum along with few enhancements. 

Please check-out the changelog for more details.

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We are pleased to announce first beta of v3 release. This release is targetted at providing support for next generation Joomla version v4 along with adding several new enhancements and bug fixes.

The test package is available on downloads section. Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions to improve it further.

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We are pleased to announce GPS Tools v4.3.0 release. This is a major feature release after v4 and adds several new features related to support for OpenStreatMaps.

Now you can choose between Google Maps and OpenStreatMaps as maps provider. Also, you can customize the directions provider, places/geocoding provider when using OSM.  If you choose OSM as Maps provider, you can also customize the tiles provider and display the maps in your choice of tiles.

Please see the changelog for more details.

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We are pleased to announce Community Quiz v4.7.0 release. We added support for downloading user responses and certificates in an HTML file in this release. This can be useful if your customers are in EU region and need to comply with GDPR laws. Along with new features, we fixed several bugs reported earlier. Please see the changelog for more details.

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