We are pleased to announce the CjForum v1.5.6 release. This is a maintenance release which fixed few bugs reported on the community forum and also added one new feature requested. Please check the changelog on the corejoomla wiki for more details.

The package can be updated with Joomla updater, please make sure you have setup your download id in cjlib component settings.

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We are pleased to announce Community Surveys v4.4.0. We added a couple of new features along with bug fixes.

1. Now you can show user responses of previous page questions in later pages as placeholders in your question title. Just use {QID: 1} placeholder to add corresponding question response inside another question title. Question IDs can be found now on questions edit page.

2. Reorder pages: Now you can reorder pages in questions edit page.

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First of all we would like to thank our users for trusting us as your extension provider for the last 7 years. 

We are making some changes in our pricing structure to provide much better services. Please read below the changes we are going make:

  • We are moving away from 6 month plans and will keep only one year plans going forward.
  • All existing users can upgrade to new plans when their memberships expires. We will provide the coupons to get renewal discount
  • All-in-One bundle will be continue as-is and will offer access to all extensions including Android apps.

Hope it will help us adding more value to your business.

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We are pleased to announce Community Quiz v4.4.0. This release adds a couple of features requested on forum besides fixing many bugs. Please see changelog on cjwiki for more details.

If you have already setup your download id on your website, please update it with Joomla updater. To manually update the extension, download package from downloads section.

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We are pleased to announce our latest offering: Lotus - A native Android framework for Joomla! powered websites. Now building Android app is as easy as installing a Joomla! component. We developed a user friendly interface to customize and build and download the app.

Please checkout the features on our Lotus product page:

Get your app now:

Ready to start building your app? Start here:

Want more? Get our All-in-One bundle which includes all our components + 3 Android apps.

We hope you love Lotus.

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We are pleased to announce GPS Tools v4 stable release. We thank all our users who reported the issues and helped us making it stable. You can now update the component with one click from your Joomla administration control panel or manually update it by downloading the package.

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