We are pleased to announce the major feature release of Community Quiz v4. We have refactored top to bottom of the code to fully compatible with new Joomla APIs and Joomla MVC. The component is completely overhauled to take advantage of new features and at the same time we added some exciting new features - both customization-wise and feature-wise. Here are some important changes need to know before upgrading to the new version.

  • New Router: We refactored the age old routing of the quiz urls with new polished and search engine friendly urls. All your quiz urls will automatically migrated to new urls. Your existing urls will gracefully redirect to the new ones with permanantly moved header so that search engines do not complain.
  • Tags Migration: Tags are now migrated to Joomla tags. Your existing tags will be added to Joomla tagging system when you run migration script.
  • Ajax Responses: Quizzes are now by default allows users to respond without any page refresh. 
  • New Question Types: Couple of new question types added
    • Upload File: Now your users can upload files using the newly added question type
    • Match the Answers: You can ask multiple questions and users need to match correct answer for each of the question from list of answers given.
  • Improved Reports: We reworked on the reporting pages with more user friendly navigation. Now you can export reports in csv, excel or pdf.
  • Email Templates: Now you can easily customize your email templates just like writing an article.
  • New Responses Page: We added new page in administrator site to view all responses across the quizzes in one view.
  • Loads of new Options: We have added loads of new options for customizing your listing pages, quiz pages etc.
  • CjForum Support: Fully integrated with CjForum. Now both the components complement each other with user quizzes shown on his profile, CjForum avatars, profile, stream and points system can be used on Community Quiz.

And lot more updates into the new release. Test drive the new version and please do let us know any bugs so that we can fix them before the final release.

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We are pleased to announce the Community Answers v4.1.0 release. In this release we added couple of new add-on extensions for Community Answers - form module and smart search plugin. We have added few other new features as well such as new configuration options to customize front-end, deleting activity stream of easysocial when a question/answer is deleted etc. 

Please see complete change log here.

A special thanks to Dave Parker for his continued support and suggestions which all went into this release. 

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We are glad to let our members know that all our extensions are fully compatible with the latest JomSocial 4 release. As you all might have already aware of, JomSocial released their big bang-fully rewritten JomSocial 4 release. The good news is it doesn't break any third party extensions API so all our extensions will continue to work flawless with JomSocial 4. Here is the quick recap of what all features we are integrating with JomSocial.

  • Avatar support: All our components along with Article Suggestion module/plugin support JomSocial avatars. Its one click configuration in your component options. Tested OK.
  • Profile linking: Again this is a one click configuration option which you enable. Few extensions automatically link profiles with the avatar selected, others provide exlcusive option to configure. Tested OK.
  • Points System: All our components support JomSocial points system. The components comes with built-in rules. All you need is enable points system in component options and click rule scan in JomSocial. Tested OK.
  • Activity Stream: All the component have integration for JomSocial activity stream. The integration is automatic and you do not need anything except choosing the option in component options. Tested OK.
  • Groups Integration: Community Surveys has this special integration. You can invite all users in a specific JomSocial user group to take your survey. Tested OK.

I would like to convey my special thanks to Paul from JomSocial for responding immediately to my request and provide access to the component which allowed me to quickly do the testing.

We hope you all take advantage of our extensions with the All-new JomSocial v4. All the best.

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We are pleased to announce Community Surveys v3.8.0. The following are some new features in this release.

  • Now you can validate your textbox, password, textarea type questions with custom regular expressions
  • Now you can customize the questions with custom css class configurable in question editor
  • You can now search surveys by id in search box

And there are few bugs fixed in this release like the auto population of response is not being done when the response is restarted. Please update the latest release. Let us know your feedback by posting a review and rating on Joomla Extension Directory.

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We are pleased to announce Community Answers v4 release - a fully rewrite of the component. We redesigned the component with fully compatible with Joomla 3 features like Category API, Tags API and so on. Here are some of the important things:

Joomla 3 only:

This version is compatible with Joomla 3 only. If you are still using Joomla 2.5, please use Community Answers v3. When you are ready for Joomla 3, you can use the migration script of Community Answers to migrate your installation of Community Answers with one click.

Search Engine Friendly Urls:

Community Answers now generate more search engine friendly urls which includes the category aliases as well. No more redundant task names in urls. Further you can customize the urls by creating Category Menu items and remove unncessary ids of categories in urls. All your existing urls will gracefully moved to the new urls by sending 301 (permanantly moved) header to the search engines. So that you will not see any search engine errors with the url migration.


Community Answers adds necessary microdata elements to your questions which allows search engines to display special content from your pages. Microdata is a key in presenting better content through search engines.

New Category System:

Community Answers now uses Joomla Category API. It mean you can now make use of full Joomla ACL and other features of already familiar Joomla category system. All your categories will be migrated with the migration script provided. Go to Migrate page in your administrator site and click on migrate button.

New Tags System:

The tags now uses Joomla Tags API. This will allow you to make use of powerful tagging API of Joomla and can share your tags across the website, nest tags in other tags etc. Again, your existing tags will be automatically migrated to the new Tagging system by the migration script.

Email Templates:

Now you can customize your own email templates using your Joomla editor. Standard templates are provided for all events triggered by the component like new question, answer, comment, up/down vote etc. 

No BBCode editor:

CA v4 supports your Joomla default editor only and will not bundle any third party BBCode editor. You can migrate all your BBCode content to HTML content using migration script automatically.

More Customization Options:

CA v4 now more customizable. You can find more customization options to design your own Q&A system. There are more ACL options provided as well. Now you can use different components to link your usernames as well as avatars.

CjForum Support:

We added CjForum support with this version. The integration is seemless and fully integrated into CjForum. For example, you can show questions in your CjForum user profiles, use avatars and profiles of CjForum in Community Answers - all with simple configuration options.

Redesigned Front-end:

The front-end pages are rewritten from the ground up and now uses sharable layouts for you to easily override without hacking the component code. We have redesigned the whole look and feel to make it look good besides performing well.

Question Comments & Ratings:

Now your users can up/down vote questions, comment on questions just like they do with answers.

So go ahead and start using all new Community Answers.

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