We are pleased to announce the updates for multiple extensions as follows.

  • Community Answers v4.6.0 Release: This is a major update to the component with multiple new features and bug fixes.
  • Community Surveys v4.6.5 Release: This is a bug fix release with a couple of new features included. 
  • Community Quiz v4.6.6 Release: Although this is a minor release, it includes few new features and many bugs fixed to make the component very stable.
  • Community Polls v4.6.5 Release: This is a bug fix release
  • CjForum v2.0.6 Release: This release adds few new features and fixes many bugs to make the extension more stable. 

Please check out the changelog of respective extension on http://wiki.corejoomla.com/Main_Page for more details.

Please upgrade the components today. You can use one-click Joomla updater to update the extensions.

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We are pleased to announce the plugin for integrating Community Answers with JSiteMap. Now you can create the sitemap of your Community Answers content using JSiteMap with a simple plugin. The plugin is now available and can be downloaded from our downloads section.

Don't have JSiteMap? You can get it here.

Your feedback is important to us. Please share us your feedback and suggestions.

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We are pleased to announce Community Surveys v4.6.0 release. We added few new features in this release and hope you will love them.

  • New question type "Checkbox Grid" is introduced. With this question type, you can add multiple question grid with checkboxes just like Radio Grid type question.
  • A new filter is added under advanced filters of consolidated report. Now you can choose to display number of custom answers of users in the consolidated report and print them.
  • In email notifications sent, you can now include survey title. Just add {SURVEY_TITLE} placeholder in subject line of your email template.
  • So far a new response id is created whenever you open the survey. This is somewhat inconvenient for public surveys as the url is exposed online. Now the response id is created only when you submit answers for the first time.

And many annoying bugs reported on our forum are fixed. Please post your feedback and suggestions by posting a review on Joomla Extension Directory at the below location.


Thank you for your feedback.

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We are pleased to introduce our new Joomla! component - CjFit. CjFit is an implementation of Fitbit API which allows your users to quickly share their fitness activities with others and allows you to challenge them to do more workouts. The app will adds a social touch to the fitness websites.

If you are running a community website and your users are using Fitbit devices, this is the perfect companion to your website.

Please check out features on the product page.

Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions, we are happy to improve it with your suggestions.

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We are pleased to announce CjForum v2 final release. This is a major feature release which includes some of the most requested features. Here is a recap of what's new in this release.

  1. Private Messaging: Now you do not need any third party plugin to quickly reach out to other users of your forum. PMS feature is now part of CjForum, it is simple and useful.
  2. Social Login: Now your users can signup/login to your site with one click sign in process, courtesy: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The setup is pretty simple. Get your API keys for the required service and enter them in CjForum options.
  3. Most Customization Options: Now you can enable or disable many possible features by simply using respective options in the backend.
  4. New Top Users Module: Show top users of your site with this simple module

And many more enhancements and features are packed with v2. Upgrade now with one click automatic updates.

Please do share us your feedback and suggestions to help us enhance the best forum component for Joomla!

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We are pleased to announce the Community Quiz v4.6.0 release. We added a couple of new features in this release.

  1. Chained Quizzes: Now you can build chained quizzes with Community Quiz. This feature is simple and straightforward. You can specify the id of the quiz that should be followed by the current quiz. The user will be shown the button to proceed to the next quiz when he passed the current quiz.
  2. Allow Retry Quiz: This feature allows the user to retry the failed quiz even if Allow Multiple Responses option is disabled. This feature is useful in case you would like to allow users to retake quiz only when they failed the quiz.
  3. Joomla 3.6/PHP 5.5 minimum: The new version supports Joomla 3.6 or later and PHP 5.5 or later. We recommend Joomla 3.8 and PHP 7 for better performance and security.

Please update the latest version using our one-click automatic updates within your site.

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We are pleased to announce updates for the extensions Community Quiz v4.5.3, Community Answers v4.5.5 and GPS Tools v4.1.7.

These are the bug fix releases which includes the bugs reported on our community forum. Please see the changelog of respective component to know more about the bugs fixed and new enhancements added.

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We are pleased to announce CjForum first release candidate. You can download the package from downloads section.

What's new?

  • Private Messaging: Now your users can quickly send private messages to other users. A simple but effecting PMS is now built into CjForum.
  • Community Builder Plugin: New community builder tabs plugin is developed
  • New Options: Many new options are added to customize front-end elements
  • New Module - CjForum Top Users
  • Added register button on header block along with login form

And many more changes packaged in this release. Please see changelog for more details.

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