Now community polls is fully integrated with Mighty Extensions Touch component. Now you can display Mighty touch Avatars and use Activity Stream. And need more? We have added many more new features in the latest Community Polls component v1.5.5. Here is the brief intro:

  1. WYSIWYG editor support for description of poll
  2. Tracking option selected by the user. Administrator can view in the backend which option the user selected.
  3. New users list page to display poll statistics of each user (backend pages)
  4. IP Address column in moderated backend polls list and poll details pages
  5. New details link in polls list for each link, which displays page to show who all voted on poll (backend)
  6. New username column in control panel pending list view.
Please see the changelog to know complete list of changes made in this release. Add a comment

We are pleased to announce Community Polls v1.5.4 release. This version fixes few issues related to poll voting, JComments button issue, administration control panel bugs etc. We also stepped towards making the component compatiable with Joomla 1.6 and did changes that are recommended by Joomla Team as of now. Add a comment

Community Polls v1.5.3 is now available to download. We urge you to download and install the latest version immediately as it fixes few important security issues. It also includes major enhancements as explained below:

1. Security issues fixed (Please upgrade immediately)
2. Fixed - points awarded when poll created but not approved. Applicable only when poll moderation enabled.
3. Twitter updates with and support
4. Image attachments facility for poll options
5. Major UI enhancements to support most of the popular browsers including IE6
6. CPAuthorization - A new granular permission system to restrict the usage of Community Polls.
7. IP based restriction of guest user votes.
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Community Polls now supports SEF urls generated by sh404sef component. The required plugin is available for immediate download under downloads section. Please download and install it to fully use of SEF feature of both Community Polls and sh404sef extensions.

Installation Instructions:
1. Extract the package to a temporary directory on your computer.
2. Copy the extracted files into /components/com_sh404sef/sef_ext directory.
3. Go to sh404sef configuration under Administratory control panel.
4. Configure community polls extension to use the bundled plugin under extension management. This is required in case you have unset this before otherwise the default value is to use the bundled plugin.
5. Delete all old urls if any or clean entire url cache for Community Polls component. If you installing/using the community polls for the first time, skip this step. Add a comment

Community Polls now supporting AceSEF. You can download the plugin from downloads section if you are using AceSEF on your website. Please install the plugin from the Extensions page of AceSEF and not standard Joomla Installer.

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We are happy to announce another big release of Community Polls. We have revamped the entire look and feel on back-end component and added dashboard, statistics and support pages. Also added useful tool to approve polls on dashboard.

We have fixed many bugs and introduced many new features with this release. Please see the change log for entire list of features/bugfixes/modifications.

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