We are pleased to announce the release of Community Polls v1.0.8. The new version includes many new features including but not limited to Ajax voting, Jom Social activity Stream etc. Please see the change log for complete list of new features, bug fixes. If you are using Pie chart, please stick on to the old version as we have removed the pie chart due to some serious issues. We will add it again in the next release. Add a comment

We are pleased to announce the release of Article Suggestions pro version. This version includes many new features and improvements over free version as summarised below:

- Author Articles
- Related Articles
- Latest Articles
- Most Read Articles
- Tabbed Interface
- User Avtars (Community Builder, JomSocial are supported. More will be added soon.)
- Section/Category information
- Introtext display. Can be limited to user defined number of characters.
We have a FREE version of this extension also available with the limited features. Please feel free to download and test it.
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We are pleased to announce the new release of Community Polls extension. This release includes the new templating system with a newly designed Jaaji template for polls listing page. The template will be extended to all other pages soon. Please see the download/changelog page for complete list of bug fixes and changes. Add a comment

We are pleased to introduce another quality extension from CoreJoomla family - Article Suggesions. This plugin can be used to display the "More from this author" articles as well as "Related Articles" based on article title. To know more about the extension please visit extesion description page.

This plugin is available as a pre-release version to all the members of CoreJoomla.

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Community Polls is released just a few days ago and receiving good response from the community. We have released 5 versions during the last 20 days of its release and added many new features. We have developed our code in a way that the extension can be updated with a single click without any hassles. No need to uninstall the previous version. Just point to the installer, select the package and install.

So what's going to be the next? The most important thing when considering the polls component is its look and feel and the response time. For a community extension, these two factors should play an important role. We have been taking these two things into our priority since the beginning and made the component to be much user friendly, faster response time and easy to use interface without compromising the features. Last week, we have added a new Pie Chart view to Community polls which is the most useful view for few of us. Not it is the time for another interesting feature.

We are now working on adding another view to our Community Polls extension. It is nothing but the Google Charts. There are three benefits of using the Google Charts.

  1. New look and feel
  2. New chart types (possibly 3d charts)
  3. Improved performance

Since the charts will be loaded from the Google servers, they will be much faster and the response time will increases.

Another improvement we are looking for is to use Ajax to display the results. This would improve the user satisfaction as he need not refresh the page to vote and see the results. All the tasks can be done on a single page. This would reduce the bandwidth and load on your server and improve the performance.

So, that's all for today's update and will be back with the latest updates on the extension.

It is most important for us to get new members to provide the new extensions and updates to you. The only way we can get the new members is through Joomla Extension Directory. Please vote for us and write a review on our extensions, if you like them. Click here to view the extension page on Joomla Extension Directory and vote for us.

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We would like to announce the release of Community Polls v1.0.6. The latest version includes few important requests made by the community members as well as fixes to the core features. Click here to read the complete change log of Community Polls.

All members requested to download and install the latest version of the extension to fully utilize all of the features.

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We are pleased to announce the Community Polls v1.0.5 for immediate availability. A new Related Polls feature is added in this release along with few perfomance related fixes.

Please download the latest release from download section and install it. The installer will automatically updates your previous installation, if any. You need not uninstall the previous installation.

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